Same sex Weddings

The heart of a wedding is about two people in love standing up and affirming their love to be enduring. It should be a day of tremendous joy and unbounded fun.


You can cast tradition aside … if you want to


There are so many customs and expectations surrounding a straight-sex wedding, but with a same-sex wedding there are no expectations, other than two people saying ‘I do’. Instead, it’s all about creating your own traditions to start married life with the perfect combination of the old and new. Want to walk up the aisle unaccompanied? Or accompanied by your mother?  Go for it. Want to throw a silk tie instead of a garter? Entirely your call. Feel absolutely free to claim it in your own special way.


Two tuxesTwo dresses?  Other choices? The question of what to wear for your same-sex wedding is one you’ll need to consider because there are no ‘rules’.  Which of course is very exciting.   You can look and feel exactly how you want, so the sky is the limit, be it goth, glam, grunge or something that is uniquely and unquestionably you.


Gender roles may need re-definition


A traditional straight-sex wedding has many roles and moments that are classically defined by gender. For example, a groom may wait at the altar for his bride to walk down the aisle, the best man may be expected to carry the rings, a photographer may pose a bride and groom in a certain way, there may be a garter toss and bouquet toss, or the groom might look to give a speech on behalf of himself and his new wife. So with the breaks from tradition an LGBT wedding can offer, it’s worth nothing that your vendors, MC and other involved parties may welcome some clear and early communication about how you envisage your big day running, especially as it allows for some professional input. For example, in a straight-sex wedding the photographer might focus most of their pre-wedding time on the bride and less on the groom, but with two brides they might suggest using a second snapper to do both women equal justice.


Pre-wedding conference:


This points to the need for a detailed pre-wedding conference with us, the photographers. We need to know what you want and how you want it. 

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